What Are The Specifications Of The Hytera Brand’s PT590 Mission Critical Tetra Portable Radio?

A leading global provider of expert communications technologies and solutions is Hytera. It is quite helpful for on-site operations that Hytera on-site commands can show the position of quick deploy units and issue commands and orders in accordance with the status. The gained several additional capabilities while retaining all the functionality of First-generation TETRA radio from Hytera.

The PT590 boasts superior voice quality, a larger communication coverage area, and more precise location, guaranteeing constant mission-critical communications. It also has best-in-class RF performance and dual-frequency GNSS. With its professional USB Type-C connector, the Hytera Radios also has voice control, interoperability with accessories, and ergonomic design. The PT590 also offers your field employees exceptional ease of use.

Specifications of the Hytera Brand’s PT590 Mission Critical Tetra Portable Radio

The specifications of Hyteras brand PT590 are listed below:

Excellent Audio Quality

The PT590 comes with a potent loudspeaker that produces 106 phons of audio loudness and features an inventive acoustic cavity design. Users may benefit from having clearer hearing even in noisy environments. In order to retain audio clarity, water that enters the speaker cavity is drained using water porting technology.

Background noise and howling can be reduced by 30 dB using AI-based noise cancellation technology. It guarantees that the calling party hears a clear sound regardless of the level of background noise the calling party is experiencing.

Broader Radio Spectrum

The PT590 is reliable when your employees use it to go to work. The PT590 offers reliable communications without losing any information, even at a distance or in the edge region, thanks to its sustained and stable Class 3 (3 W) transmission power and industry-leading reception sensitivity (-120 dBm). Anywhere and at any time, your staff is linked.

Exact Positioning

The PT590 makes unheard-before use of dual-frequency positioning technology. The signal distortion that results from the satellite signal passing through the atmosphere is successfully compensated for and corrected by simultaneously receiving and processing satellite signals in two frequency bands. The positioning accuracy of the PT590 has increased as a result to an industry-leading level—within 1 meter.

User Friendly

This radio is only 285 g and 31 mm thick, making it delightfully lightweight and shockingly small. It is convenient to use with one hand and easy to carry around all day. The separate four navigation keys and the big, textured PTT button are more finger-friendly. The three programmable buttons can potentially be configured to provide one-button access to frequently used functions.

The PT590’s 2.4-inch LCD screen is semi-transparent and semi-reflective, making it easy to read in bright sunshine and minimizing eye fatigue. The PT590 forgoes the customary list-style menu in favor of a more user-friendly interface. The 9-grid menu design makes it easier for your staff to access the function right away.

Long-Lasting Battery

On the 5-5-90 duty cycle, the 2,000 mAh Li-polymer battery may last up to 22 hours thanks to cutting-edge low-power consumption technology. The PT590 contains an extra USB Type-C port in addition to the conventional charging contacts, enabling the radio to be charged wherever and whenever using either mains power or even a power bank.

The PT590 may be completely charged in under 1.5 hours using the 18 W rapid charging. The PT590 can run for at least 10 hours on a single 30-minute quick charge, providing enough power for unforeseen long shifts.

Professional USB Port

This USB Type-C connector offers programming and upgrading capabilities in addition to charging. Your level of convenience is unmatched thanks to this design, especially when a programming cable is not nearby. A cutting-edge nanocoating technique used to safeguard this port’s dependability by shielding protecting the internal structure from oxidation and corrosion. This it possible to maintain a connection even after extended use.


For the first time, Hyteras unveiled the numerous features of the PT590. These features allow for group calling, talk group switching, and function activation for BT or location services. Users should therefore keep their attention on what they are doing while placing the voice-initiated call. The PT590 boasts superior voice quality, a larger communication coverage area, and more precise ensuring constant, mission-critical communications through placement.