How Are Integrated solar lighting products Reliable?

Technology changes every day. New advancements in different fields are being developed. Your interest and that of the entire world population is to have a certain product being to offer to you multiple services and solutions to issues that affect you. In this case, the lighting technology has done its level best to integrate lighting fixtures into a single lighting lamp. This is efficient to serve you. Pbox has been in the forefront to come up with effective and lighting products of quality. It has come up with integrated solar street lights among other lighting products.

Features integrated into the Pbox solar street light.

Life PO4 Lithium-Ion Battery

Compared to acid batteries, lithium batteries are way too far ahead as far as durability is concerned. It has 4 times the discharge rate compared to the acid batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are sealed thus not exposed to the environment.

Intelligence steady-state controller

This is an R&D state controller that is integrated into the solar street lighting system. It is used to regulate power intellectually and adjusting to the changing weather conditions. It can regulate charge and discharge, overcharge, it can offer over thermal protection among other services. Once you install you will not have to regulate these factors manually the inbuilt controller will control them for you.

Attractive and efficient LED chip

The LED fixture is very unique and outstanding in solar street lights. The LED chip (CREE, OSRAM) efficiency can measure up to around 180|M|W(@25c). It has an excellent lamb base that enables heat dissipation. The LED consumes low energy hence so affordable. LED detects movements very fast without having to warm up therefore it is so efficient for security reasons.

Efficient solar panels

The solar panels are available in two types, Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. All of the two types are of great quality, used depending on your purpose. They are durable with a life span of about 25 years. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions such as extreme temperatures and rain. You need a durable solar panel get it. it will serve you efficiently for the longest time.

Flexible aluminum frame

The frame structure is built in such a way that it will be able to protect the internal component. It is also strong to ensure that it can prop up the solar panels without getting overweight. The strong aluminum is heat resistant, rust-resistant and it can disperse heat excellently. Pbox will give you a great integrated solar street lighting lamb with a flexible frame that will serve you for the longest time possible.

Power saving mode

Sometimes the battery is not able to maintain a charge for a long time, some other times, the battery may not have charged enough due to poor weather. As a result, the integrated streetlight from will regulate the output power according to the charge it has accumulated. This will ensure that the street lamb will serve you at the maximum level.

The Pbox integrated street light is a great choice in case you need to acquire any lighting solution wherever you are. Their products are efficiently qualified.